Friday, February 19, 2010

Viz's Convo With Comcast about Fox Soccer Channel HD

This is a conversation that I had with a Comcast Rep today regarding FSC-HD & FSC+ release for Comcast Cable TV Lineup.

Antonio > Hi! how are you today?
MATTHEW_ > I am well, yourself?
Antonio > I am so glad to hear that you feel that way.
Antonio > I am doing fine, Thank you for asking!
Antonio > I can see here that you have concerns reagrding the channel update in your area
MATTHEW_ > yes
MATTHEW_ > i received a letter yesterday
MATTHEW_ > that effective feb 28th, channel 300 Setanta Sports will be removed from my package as their US operation is shutting down.
MATTHEW_ > so... Setanta was taken over by fox
MATTHEW_ > I have fox soccer channel and they advertise a Fox Soccer Plus which, is supposed to take over for Setanta Sports
MATTHEW_ > On March 1st, will Comcast be offering FOX Soccer Plus?
Antonio > Let me check on that for you
MATTHEW_ > also, perhaps while you are looking into this one issue, you can also investigate the availability of Fox Soccer Cannel (Channel 401) in HD now that it is available and they are broadcasting in HD.
Antonio > Sure
Antonio > let me go ahead and check on this for you
MATTHEW_ > Thank you Antonio, you are being most helpful
Antonio > You are welcome, Matthew.
Antonio > Matthew, as I can see here, Fox Soccer channel in HD is not yet available in your area.
Antonio > Channel 401 is only the regular Fox soccer channel
MATTHEW_ > Yes, i am aware of said facts
MATTHEW_ > I am looking for a timeline from Comcast, a date if you will, in which i can have a candle lit dinner infront of my massive tv and watch the beautiful game in HD.
Antonio > I understand that you really want this channel to be availble soon, Matthew.
Antonio > As I checked on further,with Fox Soccer plus, there has been no update yet here on our end regarding the launching of this channel and as to when it will be available soon.
Antonio > there are no recent channel updates forwareded to us from your area.
Antonio > What I can suggest is that you can also contact your local office for the early updates on the new channels and dates for launching in your area.
MATTHEW_ > Antonio... Surely as a Comcast Analyst, you can dig a little deeper than the average representative and present me with a more viable solution than continuously bugging my local store. Perhaps a little knock on your manager's door and he/she can shed some light?
Antonio > I can understand you Matthew, I know the need you have for these channels.
Antonio > I am still looking further into this.
Antonio > But I hope that you can also understand that are not updated that early by the local office regarding the new channel availability
MATTHEW_ > Thank you Antonio, I'm sure you are a fellow follower of the Beautiful Game, so hopefully I am fortunate to have engaged in a chat with you and not some average rep who would disregard the importance of a channel like this.
Antonio > I can certainly understand, Matthew
MATTHEW_ > So, if I'm understanding you correctly Antonio, I need to visit my local office?
MATTHEW_ > Where is my local office?
Antonio > No need, Matthew. I can give you the number which you can only use to call.
MATTHEW_ > ok well that is even more fantastic
MATTHEW_ > let me get a pen & paper
Antonio > sure
MATTHEW_ > ok, i'm ready
Antonio > great!
Antonio > here is the number
Antonio > Phone: 800-945-2288
Antonio > that is the number servicing your area.
MATTHEW_ > hmmm... Antonio, that doesn't look a number "only I can use"
Antonio > this is number will route you to a Representative serving the local office in your area.
Antonio > You can all this number Mon-Sat 9:00am-6:00pm
Antonio > And that is for the office in Rohnert Park
MATTHEW_ > I understand
MATTHEW_ > So if I'm reading this correctly, the local store in Rohnert Park makes all the decisions regarding my channel lineup?
Antonio > That is correct.
MATTHEW_ > So if I gathered the rest of the villagers with pitchforks and axe's and we had a witch-craft ralley outside the store, they may pick up those channels sooner?
Antonio > They will be able to work on that for you, Matthew.
MATTHEW_ > But as the corporate office, you can tell me that those channels are available, the local store just needs to pick them up?
MATTHEW_ > perhaps you can give me what channels they are so i can reference them when visiting with the store?
Antonio > Matthew, as I have informed you that this is already depending on your local office.
Antonio > Currently we can only provide you the channel line up that is avilable per package
Antonio > we do not have what will still be launched on your area.
MATTHEW_ > But there must an office somewhere in the country that has picked up these channels, right?
Antonio > Currently we can only provide you the channel line up that is avilable per package
Antonio > Do you mean other area?
MATTHEW_ > yes.
MATTHEW_ > pretend I'm from New York
MATTHEW_ > just for a second
MATTHEW_ > would i still need to go to the New York office with the villagers
MATTHEW_ > or does NY have these channels in their lineup already?
Antonio > Let me check if this is already launched in other area.
MATTHEW_ > now we're getting somewhere
MATTHEW_ > Antonio, if you want, i have an extra pitchfork, you can be one of the villagers
MATTHEW_ > or if you want to carry a torch, that is ok as well
Antonio > Oh we don't need to do that, Matthew, surely if this is not available yet, as comcast has promised to provide you the best quality entertainment, we will be able to work this out for you,.
MATTHEW_ > how else should i go about getting Comcast to pick up these channels in my area?
MATTHEW_ > Calling and chatting non-stop is no fun. Especially if there is no date set, I suppose if I had a time machine, I could go into the future and just watch from the release date on, but then I'd miss so much.
Antonio > You can request for that once you have contacted your local office, Matthew.
MATTHEW_ > I could also send an email to Jennifer Love Hewitt requesting her visit to my bedroom at midnight tonight, but that will only go so far
Antonio > I understand as much as I want it to be avialable for you on a snap of my finger I will, Matthew, but this is just out of our ability.
MATTHEW_ > Is anywhere in the Country carrying these channels?
Antonio > As I checked, this is not even available yet on other areas.
MATTHEW_ > I am demoralized by this
MATTHEW_ > crushed
Antonio > I am so sorry to hear this, Matthew.
MATTHEW_ > As i heard, through the grapevine of media noise, DishNetwork already has FSC-HD and should have FSC+ on March 1st.
MATTHEW_ > So i have two options per our conversation Antonio, well 3, but 1 is no realistic.
MATTHEW_ > Option 1) Round up the villagers w/ pitchforks, torches & axes and rally infront of our local store
MATTHEW_ > Option 2) Switch to DishNetwork
MATTHEW_ > Option 3) Use a time machine to go into the future to have these channels now
MATTHEW_ > you decide which one is not realistic
Antonio > Well, I choose Option 2, I know that you are one of our loyal customers, and as we have commited our services to you, we will work on your concern so that you can enjoy more channels and your choices for entertainment.
MATTHEW_ > Hmm... well i will go with option 1 first as this is always fun
MATTHEW_ > if that doesn't work, then i will follow your advice and switch to DishNetwork
MATTHEW_ > I thought you were a winner Antonio, i though you could give me a flashlight and aid me through this dark tunnel of NON-HD Soccer
MATTHEW_ > Instead, i am left with my Pitchfork and Torch
MATTHEW_ > I will tell the local store that Antonio has sent me upon them with my Pitchfork & Torch
Antonio > I do apologize, Matthew, as much as I would want to have this available for you, but this is out of my ability.
MATTHEW_ > It's ok Antonio, i know they computerize your responses...
MATTHEW_ > I will arrange the rally for tonight
MATTHEW_ > I appreciate our conversation
MATTHEW_ > Thank You
Antonio > You are most welcome.
Antonio > I am glad to have assisted you for today!
MATTHEW_ > I wouldn't say assisted, merely, crushed a mans dream
MATTHEW_ > but if you do have friends at the local store, please make them aware of an uprising against them not providing us with the channels we desire.
MATTHEW_ > Goodnight Antonio